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   January 25, 2015

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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November 2nd, 2014! - Are you Ready for Pumpers Paradise 2015!?! Clear your schedule for February 22-23, 2015! Plan to be in sunny Florida for the Second ANNUAL SCP Pumpers Paradise Weekend at Battlefield Orlando Less than an hour from all major central Florida attractions, and a perfect time to escape the cold! for 2015, The Mini Scenario will be based on Evil Dead, Army of Darkness!

Nov 02, 2014- Breaking news! New Updates Soon! We were down for a couple of days, but now were back!
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SCP Productions 2015 event trailer!

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Picture of the month, "The Maverick" Stalking Batmans dogooders with his First Edition Action Markers Illusion in open class mode at ShadowWars-The Rebirth of Gotham City , Battlefield Orlando, Orlando, Fl!

Picture credit: Gypsy, Mrs!

cclick the pic to enlarge

Pump & Stock Class Paintball General News for 2011!

Sept. 10th,2011-  were gearing up for a Duncan scenario "Spacecraft" at Hurricane Paintball, in Palm Bay fl on oct 1st & 2nd 2011. this time, well be be the bugs, but we are the ones that will be doing the squishing! See you there!

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