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   April 20, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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New Vertical feed Sterlings!! Phantoms!! parts and Accessories!! Soft goods!!

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Name Manufacturer MSRP
Buzzard Carter Machine (DYE) $642.94
Carter Comp Carter Machine (DYE) $642.94
Desert Duck*   *
Grey Ghost SC* LAPCO *
K-1* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
K-2* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
KP-2* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
KP-2DF* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
KP-3* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
Nel-Spot 007* Nelson Paint Company *
Nightmare Long* Brass Eagle *
Nightmare Short* Brass Eagle *
P68 SC* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
PGP ('Old' Style)* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
PGP (Cartridge Style)* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
PGP (2001) Sheridan Division of Crosman $114.95
Phantom SC CCI $209.00
Phantom SC w/ 45 CCI $239.00
Phantom VSC CCI $249.00
Phantom VSC w/ 45 CCI $288.00
PMI-1 sc* Benjamin-Sheridan (Crosman) *
Pug Palmer's Pursuit Shop $285.00
Puma*   *
Splatmaster* National Survival Game *
Sniper SC WGP  
Sterling SC Sterling $299.00
Super Stocker Palmer's Pursuit Shop $350.00
Tunnel Rat SC* TASO *
Uzi Mark IV*   *
Wolf II*   *

* Out of production

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