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   April 20, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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What is Stock Class? Stock-Class is a unique playing style of paintball that requires different tactics and skills. The markers used have to abide by the rules of stock-class play which include: 1) must be pump-action 2) cannot hold more than 20 paintballs at a time 3) must be powered by 12-gram CO2 powerlets 4) magazine tube must be parallel to the barrel for the "Rock and Cock" effect. If you don't like the paint-guzzling style of play and are up to a challenge, stock-class is for you.

In today's world of rapid fire Paintball, Stock class has expanded to include pumps of many varieties. Finding true Stock Class equipment is difficult. As a result, there has been much confusion as to what is "really " stock class. We embrace all types of pump play and have included the later varieties of equipment under our umbrella.

True stock class- horizontal feed tube, powered by 12 grams, no ball gates, check valves, auto triggers.

Modified Stock Class- Allows auto-triggers, and either a constant air tank OR a hopper (not both)

Super Stock- Allows constant air and a hopper, as well as check valves, auto triggers, and other modifications.

Open class- Pneumatic assist guns, anything goes, so long as you have to pump it to shoot.

Do we offer sponsorship to teams?

We do not currently offer team sponsorship, however, if you know of, or are a part of a stock class tournament team, feel free to email us about it

What is the "Best" pump?

The best pump depends on the person. More coming soon

Where can I buy pump/stock class items?

Check out our links page. Look for a new SCP Marketplace soon!

Why pump/stock class?

Here is a list of a few reasons why people play pump/stock class paintball:

  • Low Cost
  • Challenging
  • Enhance skill level
  • It's different

    Are pump/stock class markers more accurate?

    Some people say yes. Some people say no. Look here

    Which pump/stock class marker should I buy?

    I can't tell you what marker to buy, but I can give you some tips on what to look for:

  • Comfort
  • Price Range
  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Do you like it?

    Code of conduct (revised from the original IPPA Code):

    1. I will keep my goggles on while playing paintball and will not play with scratched, cracked or otherwise unsafe goggles.
    2. I will keep my Goggles on while playing paintball and not play with scratched, cracked, or otherwise unsafe googles
    3. I will treat every paint gun as if it were loaded, and I will follow the rules of safe paint gun handling.
    4. I will treat every paintball gun or marker as if it were loaded, and I will follow the rules of safe gun handling.
    5. I will not deliberately make aggressive physical contact with any other person playing the game, and I will be respectful and polite to other players, staff, and spectators.
    6. I will not shoot another person with the intent to cause harm.
    7. I will obey the rules of the field.
    8. When finished playing for the day i will unload all paintballs and disconnect the power (air) source from my paintball gun/marker and store all equipment safely.
    9. I will carry my paintball equipment and gun/marker in a case, bag, or other container while in public, and I will not display or brandish my paintgun/marker as to frighten anyone.
    10. I will keep my paintgun/marker out of the reach of children.
    11. I will avoid playing at any paintball field or event where the rules of safe play are not followed, and I will report unsafe playing conditions to the field operator.
    12. I will encourage new players to try the sport of paintball, and treat them with respect, because together we are Paintballs future.
    13. I will always use a barrel stopper (plug, sock, etc.) when not in an active gave to prevent accidental misfire and injury to others.
    14. I will play fairly, honestly, and exhibit excellent sportsmanship qualities at all times.
    15. I will encourage others to abide by these rules of safe play and conduct.

    Want to contribute?? Email it to me- Maverick

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