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   April 20, 2018

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Myths and legends about Pump & Stock class paintball players


You’ve seen them at your field, they come in alone, or sometimes, ever so rarely, a small group of them show up. They’ve got funny looking equipment; shiny mini co2 tanks hang off their belts. They put their paint in tubes only ten rounds at a time, and instead of buying a case of paintballs each, they all split a bag of 100.You hear rumors about these strange beings, their deadly accuracy, the way they seem to appear out of nowhere and bunker people. How their paint always flies straight and true. You just have to know their secrets, but your afraid, your very afraid, for these are the STOCK CLASS PAINTBALLERS!!!


Lets clear a few things up about Pump & Stock class players:


Myth #1:     Pump players can’t afford semis...

Ummm, hello??? Have you seen the price of a new stock class paintgun?? Even used, they’re generally more than a recreational semi auto. Granted, it cost less to play, you shoot less paint, but It'll take allot of saved paintballs to make up that difference. Besides, it’s not nice to judge people by perceived financial status (or actual,) who cares? your there to play and so are they, so stop it already.It the Game that's Important, and it only takes one hit to get elliminated..

Illusion and sc player, courtesy action markers


Stock Class player at Illusion Challenge

Myth #2     Stock class players are all old guys trying to relive their past glory days

Okay, so some maybe, but take a look at stock class tourney teams, especially on the west coast. Youd be hard pressed to find a player over 25, and most are under 18.In fact, allot of "old guys" I know wouldn’t go back to pump Play if you paid them. Anonymous quote from and "old guy" when asked to play pump " Are you nuts?? I’m too old for all that work, just gimme an electro for peat’s sake, at least i'm competitive that way..." But beware, there are still many "old guys" out there playing pump..and there very, very good ...

pump play is hard work,pic courtesy action markers1.42 kb


It aint easy!!

Myth #3      Pump & Stock class play is slow and boring...

Watch any decent stock class player at work, and you’ll change your mind. In today’s game with short fields you cant just run out, dig in and wait. Stock class players are constantly moving to get in the perfect shot, advancing, bunkering, and even providing cover fire for teammates with semis. Some stock class players can shoot over 10 balls a second, yes, I said TEN and more BPS!!! That’s faster than a stock spyder semi. Does that sound slow and boring to you??  A slow pump player, is an eliminated pump player...We play semi to relax and rest. Its lots less work than a pump game.


Myth #4      All pump paintball markers are stock class...

Okay, this is a common one and gets under a true stock class players nerves when they hear it. A stock class gun has a horizontal feed tube, has a paintball capacity of 15 rounds or less, and is powered by a 12 gram co2 cartridge (the bb gun type.) any pump paintball gun with a hopper, or large HPA or co2 tank (7,9,12,20, act) is not stock class.

stock and modified pumps courtesy action markers


Illusions-left, Stock config.Right Direct feed config.

Myth #5      Pumps are more accurate...

Hate to dispel that one, but unfortunately it’s not true. They seem more accurate because of a few reasons. The main one is that pump players tend to actually aim, not having 200 rounds in a hopper to back you up, you want your shots to count. Another reason s that pump player simply shoot less often, which allows co2 to expand fully giving them more consistency.


Myth#6      Pumps are low tech...

Just like semi auto markers, there are all levels of technology available. One look at a modern pump and you’ll see hardened aircraft quality materials, precision ported gas paths, computer designed internals, and many other highly technical aspects. Today’s pumps are lighter, stronger, more efficient, and consistent which make them more accurate. They can run on co2, or HPA, and all its variants. So while the idea is basic, and based upon the equipment rules of stock class, the application is very advanced and totally modern.


Custom sterling pump

Myth#7      Pumps aren’t competitive in tourneys...

There are pump teams maxing semi teams almost routinely at major events. The PPIG team, total grief, and many other teams are out there using pumps, and stock class pumps, and their winning consistantly.. Good players win, using a pump just makes the win that much sweeter..

score card-1.jpg


Action Markers AM-P Illusion challenge scorecard

Myth #8      Pump players have secret heat seeking laser-guided paintballs...

Okay that ones not a myth. Some times we just don’t lock them onto the target properly and they miss anyhow. ;)



A stock class or pump player is a sportsman(or woman) who is not afraid of a challenge, someone who wants a true test of their skill, and generally a person who wants a higher level of game play all around. Were not super human or super anything, where just players who are out there to have fun, and want more of a challenge out of the game than regular semi auto play can offer...So before you go running off screaming "the Stockers are coming, the stockers are coming" when we pull up at your local field, remember, we can tag you from 300 yards in a stiff wind while its raining in one shot with foggy goggles and you’ll never see us.......So running wont help, why not join us instead? :)

- Maverick

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