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   April 20, 2018

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RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun (14 Inch Barrel)


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If you are not sure on how to install them, or use them, please have a competant computer tech guide you through the process, or do it for you. Though great pains have been taken to ensure only the highest quaility , we can not guarentee compatability or functionality for the end user.
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- The official SCP Screensaver featuring collected images of our members, set to background music which can be turned off. This is provided in self extracting "ZIP" format compatable with all versions of Microsoft Windows(tm). Some versions of Windows may require you to place the file into the appropriate program group manually.
To locate your screensaver files, open a computer search box (start/search), choose "file types" and enter ".SCR" (no quotes.) , the computer will next display all similiar files, and where they are located.
Open "my computer" and navigate to that program group manually (explore your harddrive) and drag the SCP! file into that group after it has been unzipped.
You can then configure it to work as your screensaver via the screen properties dialog box. The sound can be muted by opening the "settings" control and clicking the mute button.

3.1 mb-Download the Official SCP Screensaver now (right click, "save as")


-Pump Pandemonium 2004: The following is a video teaser preview of the Pump Pandemonium Event (august 2004) DVD, soon to be released by EcyE Productions. Details on how to get your own copy of the full DVD will be posted here shortly.

Large: 38 mb-Download Pump Pandemonium trailer now (click link, choose "save as")
Small: 13 mb-Download Pump Pandemonium trailer now (click link, choose "save as")

Don't miss Pump Pandemonium II (august 2005) at EMR Paintball Park For the ultimate Pump and Stock Class Paintball Experience!

Link to more Video!

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