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   April 20, 2018

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July 16/17, 2011

The WEEKEND: Pumper's Pandemonium is a full weekend of strictly all Pump Paintball Action. Starting on Saturday Morning with an all Pump Big game that will be produced by Home Team STOCK CLASS PAINTBALL'S DAN "JOISEY" Kasper, this weekend brings together Pump Players from all across the country. Saturday Night is hanging out with Old School players of vast Pump Knowledge and attending the PLAYER'S PARTY in the REC. CENTER provided by CARTER'S COMMANDO. Sunday is a variety of Stock and Pump Games that will be Flag Based and played on a Variety of Fields.

TEAMS: Rub elbows with many of the old school teams such as CANADIAN CONTINGENT, CARTER'S COMMANDO, DAMAGE INC., STOCK CLASS PAINTBALL, and the WILD GEESE

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