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   April 20, 2018

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A Moment of Clarity

"Call him out ref." I said, pointing my sniper at Targets back, after sweeping his team from their left side.

"Your gone." the ref said half heartedly to the player. But the guy didn't move. I had his whole back as he stood before me shooting at what was left of my team mates from around a large spool. He must not have heard him I thought.


"HEY HEY HEY!" I yelled. Target turned, His marker pointed down and away from me, a questioning look in his eyes as he wondered what was happening-His brain and adrenaline not yet up to speed with the situation.

"Bang." was my reply to that look. His eyes widened, then narrowed as he looked down the barrel from which I was looking over at him.

I was ready, more than the required 10 feet away and a pound or so of pressure on the trigger, roller sear sliding ever so slightly back, barrel pointed steady at his upper center mass.

I think that's when time changed for Target and me, my 2 or 3 seconds were like 20 minutes to him. A moment of clarity for me. Nothing but him and me, eyes locked, waiting for IT. No other thought or sensation. No world. Nothing but Target and me.

He lowered his marker slightly, an inch or so. Those narrow eyes widened to action stations as he lowered his head towards his gun.

"What's the word buddy!?"

"Surrender?" The player said, narrow eyes wide again.

My reply was to lower the sniper, clear the chamber and slide on the barrel sock as the ref called game over.


And to think, I wasn't even going to play today.



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