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   April 20, 2018

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Defending the Castle AARGH..
January 10, 2003

Defending the Castle

The Mission

Stories tell of long ago
when there were once great and fearsome battles in the woods
the warriors could not be seen until the moment they shot
then disappeared into the shadows like specters,
until they reappeared once more to shoot their next foe.

or, breaking the silence of the woods,
the tell tale sound of a Fell 12 gram running out of air
crying out to ones opponent that you were vulnerable.

one day the semi auto reared its head running amok in the forest
wreaking havoc with the Stock and pump players.

the ancient warriors laughed
and mocked the new technology
saying that ones game can not be won by firepower but by skill.

but the warrior was ambitious and the darkness spread..
semi auto turned to Full auto then Electro...

The new players became aware that their Rate Of Fire
gave them away all too easily in the woods
so the woods were cleared away and bunkers were built,
of speed ball, hyper, and air,
and the keepers of the old ways of paintball were driven off
and not welcome at these new fields.

so the great paintball warriors scattered to the 4 corners of the earth
and their ways were all but forgotten..

But now there is a murmur in the wind,
the rumors say they are gathering,

coming together, and growing in power in the last castle in the east
to defend the origins of paintball and they call upon all of the keepers
of the OLD WAYS to join them in this battle to defend against the darkness...

They call them to...

the EMR FALL CASTLE CONQUEST DEFENDING ONLY will be stock & Pump players!

Come and stand with us against the forces of darkness!

SEP 27/28


Do you have what it takes to take them down or the courage to join them?

Only $25 prepaid by 9/13/03 for CASTLE CONQUEST Only or
$35 at the event. $40 prepaid by 9/13/03 for the whole weekend
or $50 at the event. CASTLE CONQUEST Saturday, Play under the lights
Sat. Night or join the party in the Rec. Center.

Open Field Play on Sunday and in addition the
CANADIAN CONTINGENT will be running a pump only game.
$1000's in PRIZE GIVEAWAYS all day Saturday.

Jim (Masse) is the castle Lord (general)hes running the show from the inside.

Durty Dan is the Castellan,(or XO) the governor of a castle.

Digger is GIMLI Guardian of the Castle Keep along with Sir Rebel of Damage!

What then shall you be?

- Lady Marshal

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or visit The Paintball Marshals Website

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