du·plic·i·ty- noun \du̇-ˈpli-sə-tē :  contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially : the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action.

I think we are seeing Duplicity on so many levels in our society its impossible to keep track of, I guess that’s the idea, divide and conquer, paintball not excluded. I’m not going to get into the politics of whose trying to fleece whom, I’m most concerned about our trying to fleece ourselves.

Way back in the mid 90’s paintball industry, as a whole , tried to convince people we weren’t using “guns.” Well intentioned, but ultimately a really bad idea, that’s how the term “Marker” became popular. Before you write to tell me that originally paintball guns were tree markers , I’ll concede you are 100% correct.  But there was also lengthy, good intentioned, campaign by paintball industry to ensure the projectile shooting machines we use in the sport were commonly called “markers.” This was spurred on by anti gun legislation and anti paintball factions who blamed paintball for instilling “violence” in our youth.  Video games and graphic movies have done far more harm than anything in paintball could ever do in my opinion.  We didn’t stop calling nail and staplers guns, lets not deny our paintball shooters are also guns, just make sure the word “paint” always precedes “gun” and were good. So perhaps the whole “marker” thing was necessary for the times, but what about today?

Never before have there been so many manufactures offering so New Trracermany  militaristic options in paintball.  Holy cow is mil sim blowing up!  Not so long ago I was frowned upon because I wore , and still wear, my woodland camo BDU’s. I didn’t and don’t wear them because I wanted to play soldier, I’ve had my fill of that already. I wear them because they help me to play the game of paintball better, they are cheap, and they are durable.

The fact remains that we do play a “war” game, just like when we play chess or dodge ball, or the hundreds of other games both real and digital people play every day.  We can call it anything we want, but at the end of the day we are still using projectiles fired from “guns” to eliminate (kill) our opponent and that’s exactly how “outsiders” see it, despite the pretty colors.   I clearly recall telling my anti gun mother it was just capture the flag, with a twist , way back in the 80’s to get her to let me play.  I think those base
war game” instincts are now more appealing to a much larger group of newer players.  Possibly it is a side effect of the war on terror, maybe a form of decompression from the bad economy, but mainly,

No More BS

I think people are sick and tired of putting PC names on things and they’re just done with the BS.  I stopped deluding myself years ago. we play war games, plain and simple, mankind has been doing that same thing for thousands of years with different tools, its not a bad thing and you simply cant get a more effective “therapy” without anyone getting hurt.

People are going to disagree, that’s fine, that’s why I love America, we all get a voice.  At least that’s how its supposed to happen, I’m not so sure that is what is actually happening anymore. I don’t care about peoples politics, but I do care when politicians spend more time protecting their campaign finances (ers?) than they do their constituents.

I care when so many people are actually afraid to have an opinion,because that opinion might get them fired, or targeted, or hurt them in other ways.  So yes, I’m pissed off and I don’t blame Republicans or Democrats or even the Tea Party, I blame American citizens for not speaking up, for falling for fear tactics , for not having an opinion and voting blindly. We don’t have to agree, but it all of our responsibility to keep corruption out of government and maintain a government for the people, by the people. Can anyone honestly say you feel that’s how its working now? I thought not, now that you’ve seen through the duplicity, go do something about it, use your voting power, use your voice, write your elected officials and tell them how pissed you are! I think I hear a Black Copter flying by so ill stop my rant now.. (just kidding, sort of..)

So, you see there is Duplicity all around us, some we can use, some is just plain annoying, and some is pure evil.  But if we all do our part, well see this dark age through to better times.

Space Craft

Oct 1&2 Palm Bay, FL

In the mean time, Gyspy and I managed to scrape enough change together so we can play OCT 1 & 2 at Hurricane Paintball, in palm bay, FL for the Spacecraft Scenario. Its a Duncan Game so you know itll be fun, and its sort a space marine vs space bugs theme (you’ve seen the movie im sure!) Well be “Bugs” and hanging with Team Trigger Happy, and hunting down space marines.  Blues Crew will also be there, along with a hot list of whos who in paintball, at least for the southern states.

For those who were wondering (thanks for the notes,) I still haven’t a had a smoke, so I’m nicotine free for over 7 months now! I’m also getting into great shape,  down to a ten minute running mile, and Gypsy and I have cycled over 20 miles (yes, in one day!) and kayaking a few times a week as well. So look out space Marines, were coming to get you!


As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate you taking your time to suffer through my rantings. Until the next time, Happy hunting and keep on pumping!




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Maverick has been playing paintball since 1985, is originally from long island, and currently resides in SE Florida, with the amazing and beautiful Gypsy, who also plays paintball. He is an executive security manager by profession who specializes in high risk crime prevention , executive protection, and internal investigations. He currently shoots a highly modified Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe and a fully worked and optioned AMP Illusion, nelspot 007 and several other classics.
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