Running Uphill!

Playing Paintball every month or so has really reminded me that it is indeed a sport.  Its a very forgiving sport, anyone can play, but if your an aggressive type, its also good to be in shape. the mind can sometimes give orders the body cant follow, pain ensues. the best way to avoid that pain, is to be in decent physical shape. my goals aren’t lofty, at least not in my mind. I don’t need to be a Tough Mudder or a triathelete.

Shooting his Trusty Illusion

Photography by Katie Jeffcott

I just want to be able to run a bit without getting to the point where it takes me 20 minutes to catch my breath. That smoking thing for the last ten years didn’t help, I can say I’m already feeling a little better now that Ive quit. It’s not easy sometimes, its the treadmill for 20 minutes a day (mostly at max incline), the bicycle for a mile or two every third day or so.  Honestly, I like the bike better, always have, but theres no place convenient where its safe to push it on the bike for too long without becoming points as a road kill for some retiree.  I think we need to be at least kind of fit when we play, the game is allot more fun when your not heaving from a short sprint. But Im no fitness guru either, your reading the words of a guy whos idea of a work out was getting up to find the remote, and “running” was going out for a new pack of smokes only a few short months ago.  I’m still working on things, especially the mind As The body heals, but Paintball helps.

Resurrecting SCP is the same, I get some updates done, get some articles done or uploaded, attend an event here an there to get back into the swing of things.  perhaps I was gone a bit too long, I find myself getting a bit discouraged at the lack of feed back or page views.  Ive even done some research and I still say theres nothing else out there quite like SCP. We can still offer info no one else has.

Mav and Lee at CFP April 2011

Photo by Gypsy, Looks theres Ninja Dave, were dead now...

we just need to get our base readers back, and recruit new ones to get things heading in the right direction again.   the more users we have, the more info well be able to offer. But for now we are running uphill.  we’ll get back to the top, if we keep working at it, and you can help us out a bit by letting people know we’ve got a pulse again.

All that being said, between the blogs and articles and updates, weve got a great new product out. youve probably seen the adds for the new SCP Raxx system. I think its pretty awesome myself and you should just make it easy and buy one ok? Itll help support SCP 🙂

You may see some new ad boxes here and there, clicking on some of them puts a few cents in the site support fund, on some others, if you buy a product, scp will get a little %, and on yet others, theyre just our friends and we want to help support them. I wont say which is which or even ask you to click anything, but doing so does help SCP and I thought people needed to know that. Also if you do make a purchase, and heard or saw that company or product on SCP, please just let them know by telling them “SCP sent me” or getting there through one of our links.

Florida Pump Chumps:

So Gypsy and I went to Central Florida Paintball the third week of April for a good old Pump meet! All in all there were about ten of us I think, and we had a blast! there is nothing more challenging than playing paintball against other pump players! I hope more of you start coming out. Not just for the pump chump meets, but where ever your at. You dont need to be in Florida.  Just stick up a note on SCP, you local fileds boards, where ever.. if you let me know, ill even put it up on the SCP home Page , no charge, ever for events listings!

 Victory Smiles!

Gypsy , in full Battle gear!

I dont care, big game . small game, whatever the format, you get two pump players opposite each other and your going to have a nail biter.  It was Gypsys first time playing pump, and she was bunkering people (err, Bubba!)right out of the gate. The side lines were going nuts, and this was a woods ball game!
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But like all games with pump players, the skill demonstrated was awesome. At one point, I had to hold off the (in)famous Ninja Dave, Lee (aka Big Pumpin) and Frank all at the same time.  Going up against some of the best players in Florida is hard enough, going up against them all at the same time, holy fun batman! yep, Lee got me, but had they known they were all battling me at the same time, id of lasted about 5 seconds. The lesson of the day is divide and conquer! Or at least try any way, sometimes your the windshield, sometimes your the bug… If you ever get the chance to watch these guys work, Its a must see.

Gypsy and I still haven’t decided if or where we will play in May. Its already two weeks in. Things are very tight and getting tighter, so its hard to justify spending the little reserves we have on Paintball. Then again, its probably the best therapy there is to keep sane, at least for me, so it may be well worth any bit we spend on it. but well let you know when and were via the face book fan page and the message board.

Mavericks take on Limited Paint Formats:

People have been playing stock class and “hopper ball” almost as long as Paintball has been around.  Lately, there seems to be a variant of this that includes the mil-sim league players. they are using feed mags, like you see on a real weapon. these mags hold 10 to 20 paintballs and feed them into the gun from the underside. Groups of fans of this type of play are organizing leagues and events nation wide.  Seems to me, this creates a great opportunity for pump players as well.  Im working on a limited paint format that includes. or at least is open too, all types of markers. In places where there but a few pump players, and a few mil-sim players that use the mag feed, or even “longbow” style markers I think this will be a great way for all to have an awesome day on the field! In the spirit of Stock Class, once you eliminate any equipment advantage, the game boils down to tactics and skill. I think a pump vs a mag fed semi vs a stock class pump, vs a spring feed pistol can all be about equal over all, given reload limiting, and it would be a really fun format combining the best of all types of play! and oh yes, flags will be involved! Ill publish my format once ive got it worked out, and anyone can add their ideas!


As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate you taking your time to suffer through my rantings. Until the next time, Happy hunting and keep on pumping!


About Maverick

Maverick has been playing paintball since 1985, is originally from long island, and currently resides in SE Florida, with the amazing and beautiful Gypsy, who also plays paintball. He is an executive security manager by profession who specializes in high risk crime prevention , executive protection, and internal investigations. He currently shoots a highly modified Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe and a fully worked and optioned AMP Illusion, nelspot 007 and several other classics.
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