So here we go… Again!


Check out all this new fancy stuff we’ve got going on!

Ill be using this area to spread news, tell you about updates, throw in some tid bits here and there, and yes even vent a bit.

So if you haven noticed, Ive been a little busy lately updating the website.  Now to some of you that’s probably no big deal, but hey, I learned BASIC in school! Do you even know what BASIC was? yeah, “if line 33 equals line 2985 than goto line 88 if line 33 equals line 465 than goto line 10337” thats friggen BASIC. We did that stuff on DOS computers, and it took forever to code a program that did almost nothing. Ive got more memory in my cell phone than my entire school had on all its computers combined. But now I’m revamping

websites,  and to be honest as much as a pain as basic was it was easy in comparison, I’m in a little over my head!


ever feel like your in a bit over your head?

But I’m getting there, I’m relearning some things I’ve forgotten and learning a bunch of other stuff for the first time, go give me a bit to work out some bugs.

One of the things I’m excited about is the new store. Now nobody gets rich in paintball, that’s a fact. If anyone thinks a field owner is rolling dough, think again. And if they are, they have have a rich spouse. Same goes with stores aka pro shops. Very few make it past six months. And a very, very few actually make enough to earn a living and actually see their families on occasion. Rent, overhead, permits, taxes, all this stuff sucks the fundage dry before you can fill it up again. So next time you go into your local store, if your lucky enough to have, try and buy something, even a little something, because its a rough business,  and they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t love the sport.  So no, I don’t expect to actually make any money on the new store but I am still excited. Why? because its a new project, with a little luck it pay the hoisting fees ive been shelling out for all these years for SCP (you didnt think if funded itself did you?) but mainly, because Im going to try and get some really cool stuff on there, and i get to check it out first!

I do need some things from you ! I need articles, reviews, action shots of your field, and anything else you think might be good to share on the scp site.

Speaking of fields, I need recommendations for the new SCP Friendly Fields pages. a paragraph or so about the field, their contact information and website if they have one, and why theyre a good place to play. short, sweet, to the point, and pictures or videos are always great too. you can never have enough action shots!

Did I mention SCP is providing hydro-testing services? its really cool, amazing how they do this stuff!  Check out the store for details, and I promise to clean up that page and make it easier to read , but not today… Feel free to leave comments, but be nice or I wont let you play time, I might actually talk about paintball!


About Maverick

Maverick has been playing paintball since 1985, is originally from long island, and currently resides in SE Florida, with the amazing and beautiful Gypsy, who also plays paintball. He is an executive security manager by profession who specializes in high risk crime prevention , executive protection, and internal investigations. He currently shoots a highly modified Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe and a fully worked and optioned AMP Illusion, nelspot 007 and several other classics.
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