en·dur·ance [en-door-uhns, -dyoor-]–noun
1. the fact or power of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc.
2. the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina: He has amazing physical endurance.

There are few words with the real strength to describe a quality very accurately. “Endurance” is one of them. We all have our personal battles, wins, losses, and ties. Its a base part of being human. Whats important, is how we deal those struggles, not so much on the outcome. Challenges in my life have been pretty extreme lately. Job hunting, stopping smoking, rebuilding SCP and more. While I still don’t have a job, the rest Im making good progress on because I have a great support system and quit frankly, I hate to fail, but sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when those rejection letters come in.

So We all want to win, but just like our favorite sport, we wont always have our way. If we endure, If we speak out when we feel our voice needs to be heard, If we make a stand for whats important, we, and our sport will endure through times of challenge and be stronger for it.

Some times we stick out a bit, get ridiculed maybe for speaking up for the things that are important to us. Recently, I have been speaking with  a person who is very concerned about safety at one particular paintball field. When he spoke up, Instead of being thanked, he was made fun of for it. This is just plain wrong. So we are helping, and enduring with him to make sure all paintball fields are safe, every time, all the time. I hope you join with us, and speak up when you see a problem. But don’t forget to thank your field staff when there aren’t any problems. Most field owners and their crews work very hard to make sure you have a great, safe time at their field, they deserve thanks for that as well!

The rumor is, and I stress rumor, that a field apparently decided that chronographs aren’t necessary.   For those who may not know, a Chronograph (chrony for short) measures the speed of a paintball to ensure it doesn’t impact with force exceeding the safety standards of the equipment. 280 Feet Per Second (FPS) or less is pretty much the standard now.


A paintball shooting 340fps has the potential to rip goggles off a players face, crack weak lens’s, and create one heck of a welt. All in all, potentially very dangerous.  Paintballs are bit heavier than they used to be as well, which adds momentum and kinetic impact energy. The Rumor is that  the field in question had a chrono, it broke and replacing it wasn’t really a priority. I’m still trying to get verification on this.  Ive sent the field staff a note asking for information and they did respond. They claimed they actually have six chronographs posted and available at all times.  But is this true? Six seems allot for a small field when the average is two, so their answer only opened up more questions for me.  Did they put additional chronos out after people started asking questions or did they just maybe miss a day and put them out late? Was the person who told me exaggerating? I have no way of really knowing, and hate to make any false accusations.  However,  If the allegations are true, this is a potentially very dangerous situation which no player should ignore. I thought It worth writing over, just in case. so here’s the way I see it:

  1. There has to be more than one chrono at a “pay for play field” and the gates shouldn’t even open without at least one working unit and one spare. Larger fields need to have more than one out and available, especially on busy days. At least one unit for every fifty players, at the bare minimum, plus one in reserve for every three that are in use. A  few hand chronos for the refs are a great idea as well for spot checks.
  2. Not using a chronograph can result in serious injury or death, do not play if there are no chronographs!
  3. If a field doesn’t have enough chronographs, Its bad for the sport as a whole . I assure you, People WILL be shooting hot even if they don’t mean too, they have no way to tell! And players WILL get hurt, there’s no “IF” here. If anyone goes home with an egg on their head, its bad for the sport, its bad for business, they wont come back if their new, and that’s the least that can happen.
  4. If any field I’m made aware of does indeed have a chrono problem and I can verify it hasn’t been fixed, I will publish their information as a public safety measure, its that important people are able to play paintball safely!

Most fields do a great job measuring, enforcing and ensuring paintball is safe for everyone, and to those field owners and staff who make this a priority all the time, every time, I thank you. To those who dont, you wont be in business long if you dont fix that problem fast, like yesterday fast! Enough about that, all I ask is if you see those types of problems, do something about it. Even if it means being criticized locally, were here to back you up. Endure a little discomfort for the greater good and I assure you, it will be appreciated.


If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a bit of a fan of big games and scenarios. This type of play offers much more than your average game. Mostly its the people, besides playing to your hearts content, you get to hang out, camp, or just chill with dozens, sometimes hundreds of people who share a similar interest.  You don’t even have to know anyone, you cant help but make friends.  But as in all things, in my research I’ve seen a few things that irked me. I’ve noticed allot are using the terms “Milsim” and “Scenario” and “Woods ball” interchangeably. STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!  😉

BT Trracer Pump , On my "to review" list, just need to get my hands on one.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ive nothing against military simulation play styles or gear. In fact, Ive got some “milsim” gear myself.  Even the BT New Trracer is on my want list, and thats a very “milsim” looking pump. Don’t tell anyone, but I even own a project salvo (Very milsim’ish semi, sshhh… ) and Ive certainly played big games based on battles. But a scenario game doesn’t have to be about military battles (cue Grail IX theme, what an awesome game that was!) and I don’t need a mil-sim marker to play woods ball, so please stop confusing things.  Here is some help:

  • ScenarioAny paintball game with a storyline and a theme.
  • MilsimMilitary simulation, either to describe gear, or the use of military tactics in a game, or even the story line if its based on a military theme.
  • Woodsballplaying paintball in the woods or field with trees or vegetation rather than on a court (speedball, xball, etc.)

Wasn’t that easy? I’m not going to beat this horse to death, just be aware that some people will be easily confused and may even get the wrong idea about paintball if you mix these terms up. And before I forget to mention it, I’m working on a scenario prep guide, it’ll be out soon. Ill let you know when its ready. :O)

By the way, I did use several pumps recently at the scenario: Surprisingly, my best shot of the game was with a Brass Eagle Tiger Shark from 75 feet when I took out a dude shooting full auto. The shark is $15 marker,  and a reminder to me that it doesn’t cost much to have fun playing pump! Also, I dont think Ive met a pump player yet who wouldnt loan out their pump for a game or two to someone wanting to try it.  Just talk to someone at your field who does, and theres a pretty good chance, youll get to try it out.

This weekend is the Spring pump event in Illinois. SPE is one of the great events that has grown over the years into something special. I hope you’ll be able to attend, because it cant be anything but fun!  I wont make it this year, but maybe things will be better next year. In the mean time, Gyspy and I will be at Central Florida Paintball on April 23rd, 2011 for a Florida pump chumps meet. If your in driving distance, come on by, no reservations required and the more the merrier!


And now for the BIG announcement!


The SCP RAXX Marker utility system is here!


The SCP Battle Rattle RAXXsystem is a portable display rack that holds up too three paintball markers in almost any configuration (bottom line, vertical bottle, backbottle, etc.)


It incorporates a wall mounted system (the Sky Base) and a free standing support (the Base camp). The system also holds two paintball masks, can be true vertical by table mounting it, and folds almost flat for transport. Sky base units can be combined to create a large wall display! The Prototypes are shown here, the actual units may differ slightly.

At home, you can use the Sky Base to display two of your favorite markers and masks.  At the field you attach the sky base to the base camp, and it holds up to three markers, two masks up and out of the way and at or above table level.   No more clutter!

Pre-ordering will start very shortly, the patent paperwork is well under way and you’ll  be pleasantly surprised at the pricing as well! For more information email Maverick  at stockclasspaintball.com.

Until the next time, Happy hunting and keep on pumping!


About Maverick

Maverick has been playing paintball since 1985, is originally from long island, and currently resides in SE Florida, with the amazing and beautiful Gypsy, who also plays paintball. He is an executive security manager by profession who specializes in high risk crime prevention , executive protection, and internal investigations. He currently shoots a highly modified Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe and a fully worked and optioned AMP Illusion, nelspot 007 and several other classics.
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